Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Hair Q & A


Thank you for your questions.

OK everyone. Moving forward, let's use the word shampoo in place of wash when we are referring to our hair. Remember, we wash our clothes and we shampoo our hair. LOL. I hope to see you all at the World Natural Hair Show, April 10- 11, 2010 @ GICC in College Park, GA.

--Shana Rose Is it necessary to wash my child's hair everyday? What about a conditioner or moisturizer? How often should either of those be applied to her hair?

Hello Shana,
No, it is not necessary to shampoo your child's hair everyday. It is very important that the hair is moisturized and conditioned after every shampoo. I recommend you use the Taliah Waajid Kinky, Wavy, Natural Children's products. Try the Berry Clean Shampoo and Conditioner and the Easy Herbal Comb Out for detangling and leave-in conditioning. Also try the Herbal Style and Shine. Both the Easy Herbal Comb Out and the Herbal Style and Shine have conditioners and moisturizers and can be used daily. Let me know how you like the products.

--Vickie L. Crutchfield I would also like to know how often I need to wash, condition, and moisturize my 7 yr old daughter's hair. I currently wash it once or twice a week depending on her activities. She has micro "braidlocs" that I have been keeping covered with a silk bonnet as long as she is in the house. The last time she had locs I had to take them out ... See Morebecause they were so full of lint. Is there any way to keep lint out of her hair? If not, is there a way to remove it before it gets "trapped" in the loc? Thank you & GOD Bless!!

Hello Vickie,
Honestly, I am not sure what Braidlocs are. Do you mean that your daughter's locs were started using braids??? Please explain. If your daughter has locs, I recommend shampooing her locs every two weeks. I recommend you use our Kinky, Wavy, Natural Children's products. Lint is an issue for many that wear locs. Lint usually comes from our sheets or lighter color head wrappings, scarfs and hats. I recommend the following to avoid accumilation of lint in locs: Sleep with a dark color scarf or sleep on darker color sheets/pillowcases. Tip: Do not try to pick the lint out of locs because this can un-do your locs making them weak. Using a hair rinse the color of your locs will help to hide the lint. For children, I suggest using only a color rinse. I do not recommend using semi-color, permanent color or dye on a child's hair.

--Angela V Earl Good question Vickie. We, too, are in the process or locking my 7 year old's hair. she has the finer texture hair so we have started with two-strand twists and i latch lock them to tighten. it seems that the lint develops at those sites.

Hello Angela,

I hope I helped with the answer I gave to Vickie. It sounds like you are doing a good job with starting your daughter's hair. Let me know how it is coming along. Feel free to send photos.

--Hazelphine J. Townsend Good Morning Taliah, one question i have is how do u get the residue out of your locs? I use four of your products now, what do i have to do to remove it?

Hello Hazelphine,

Please let me know how long have you had the residue in your locs? Where did the residue come from? Is it build up from a previous product? Are you using all of the products at one time? Are you one of those people that just piles products onto your hair? Are you a product junkie??? LOL. I am just joking. Answer the first three questions so that I can help.

I hope that I was helpful. If you have anymore questions, please contact me for anything such as questions, comments, concerns, etc.

Forever Natural,

Taliah Waajid


  1. I think the commenter Vickie meant BRADELOCZ, the style trademarked by Cherie King. - I had six year old bl's before i cut them off to start new ones. My current set are 2 years old.

  2. Do your products have protein in them? I want to try the Kinky, Wavy, Natural Easy Herbal Comb Out and the Protective Mist Bodifier but right now my hair is suffering from protein overload so I am trying to avoid products that may have it.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I think that it really is a great idea to try and go the natural way when it comes to taking care of your hair. I don't want to have something bad happen to my hair and it all fall out just because of the shampoo that im using. One place that I really like is they have a lot of great stuff there. you should check them out! I like their products a lot!

  4. I am interested in taking a course on Locs Only. I notice at your seminars you have no other choice but to do all natural hair. Do you think you will ever offer JUST LOCS seminar options?

  5. Human Hair Extensions
    Both the Simple Natural Clean Out and the Natural Design and Glow have hair conditioners and skin lotions and can be used everyday. Let me know how you like the items.

  6. I have had locs for 15 years and am ready to cut them off, but am unsure on how to transition. I love the versatility that I have with them but am now noticing that they are thinning due to the weight from the length. I feel that I have done all that I can (or want to do with them) but I'm don't feel that I am 'ready' for a 'buzz cut'. I love the look of the natural (much like Taliah's in her profile). I just don't know how to transition. I would appreciate any help/input to get me on my way.