Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transitioning from Chemically Processed to Natural Hair

Hello everyone! I'm back again! This week, we're going to discuss how to transition from chemically processed to natural hair, a process that can be very long and sometimes difficult to endure without motivation, some professional advice and the correct hair care products.

Normally, this process takes about 18 months to be thoroughly completed. This time frame is mostly for people who have recently had a chemical treatment done. For others, the time may be shorter or maybe longer, depending on a few factors such as: type and texture of hair, how damaged the hair is from the chemical treatments, and most importantly...how much time and effort you put into constantly maintaining your hair during the transition.

If you are transitioning or at least plan to, be sure that you follow(ed) these steps:

1) STOP the chemical treatments,

2) ASSESS the damage done to your hair, if any (most likely, there will be some.),

3) CHOOSE healthier products to use for your hair. Most of the products on the shelves today are made to maintain chemically processed hair. I do recommend using Black Earth Products during this transition due to the natural ingredients inside of the products and because they are made partly for this reason(transitioning the hair),

4) MONITOR & MAINTAIN your hair. If you have a regular stylist that you go to, be sure to tell him/her what you are doing. They need to know in order to know how to handle your hair during the process. If you don't have a stylist, you can still do it yourself. Be sure to make sure that you trim it, try and wash,blowdry and condition your hair every 2 weeks, and keep "feeding" it ("feed" your hair with products such as The Strengthener from the Black Earth Product line.) Also be sure to comb your hair and detangle it everyday.

**TALIAH RECOMMENDS: Keeping your hair in braids during the process. Braids help the hair grow faster which is why many people who are transitioning choose to wear braided styles while going natural. Now, for those of you who think cornrows and individuals is the only braided choice, you're wrong. You can wear those PLUS tree braids, a sew-in weave, etc. Pretty much anything will do the job. **

When my daughter tranisitoned back to natural (after less than a year of having chemically processed hair), her hair grew back in a matter of months. She constantly used the Black Earth Product line for shampooing, conditioning and daily moisturizing. She did wear ALOT of weaves throughout the process and made sure to wash her hair every 3 weeks if not 2(what is recommended). :-D However, she did not trim her hair which made it a bit difficult so I did it for her and within less than a week, her hair looked AMAZING!! I will probably post some before and after pics so that everyone can see what I mean exactly. But, like I said, despite your doubts and everything, don't be scared! You have TONS of options! If you're not sure, please message me and I'll help.

Well folks, that's it for this week! If you have any questions and/or comments, please let me know!

Forever Natural,

Taliah Waajid


  1. What product of yours do you recommend for me to start locs? I have small braids and thinking about letting it loc. Thanks!

  2. Taliah Waajid,

    Hi I've recently decided to go from relaxed hair to natural. I've read some of your advice on your website, on how I should keep my hair in a hair style from 2 months at a time. However, the problem is I am a college student and I really don't have any money to constantly spend money on hair while going through the process. What do you recommend I do?

  3. Hi, I decided to go natural a year ago and my ends are processed but my roots are natural Im unsure of how to maintain my hair i use the Black Earth Producats when my hair isnt in a sew in so now that my sew in is out im unsure of how to maintain my hair, Help please!